Valentine's Day

Send a Sweet Valentine to a Child at Children's Hospital LA

Postmates is donating a dollar for each sweet card sent, "up to $20,000."


What to Know

  • Choose from one of three Valentine's greetings on the CHLA site
  • "Postmates will donate $1 to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, up to $20,000"
  • Send your card by Monday, Feb. 14 (it's free to send via the hospital's site)

Greeting cards? They're some of the cheeriest things we encounter on any given holiday.

And whatever the card looks like, and however long the text inside might be, having a friend, family member, or sweetheart send you a message rife with merriness, hope, and kind thoughts is a real ray of sunshine.

But that cheeriness seems even more spritely, and smile-ly, when Valentine's Day arrives. The charming illustrations that are often seen on the front of the cards kids hand out in class, and the swirly hearts, candies, and flower cartoons, boast an additional ebullience.

Sending some of that smile-a-tude to someone, even a person you've never met, can be one of the most feeling-ful aspects of the emotion-centered holiday.

You can do so, right now, by visiting the Children's Hospital Los Angeles site, which is currently featuring three adorable Valentine's cards.

Simply pick your favorite, write a fun note, and a child at the hospital will receive it on Monday, Feb. 14.

Adding to the kind effort: "Postmates will donate $1 to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, up to $20,000."

Important to know, before you select the card you love best? "Please focus on the spirit of Valentine's Day rather than 'get well' notes to help keep the celebration upbeat and positive for kids," is the hospital's request.

The theme of the hospital's 2022 Valentine's line-up is cosmically cute: Spaceships, planets, and shooting stars add uplifting oomph to the bright and colorful cards.

Children's Hospital Los Angeles frequently features digital cards that anyone can fill out and send to patients, with opportunities popping up throughout the calendar, giving the public a chance to connect with a kid through an endearing illustration and a few wonderful and well-chosen words from the heart.

Be sure to watch the hospital's social feeds for upcoming card promotions, and how you can play a positive part.

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