September Celebration: The Golden Age of 3-D

"House of Wax" and other multi-dimensional gems will unspool during the World 3-D Film Expo III.

What was the best part about seeing a classic 3-D flick back in the '50s? A) the razzle-dazzle, promise-filled poster outside of the theater, B) the breathless trailers that assured you'd never see anything equal to the effects-packed film, or C) the film itself, which could either be fantastic or a little light on the thrills?

The jury may forever by out on that question, but not on this: Three-dimensional classics like "House of Wax" and "It Came From Outer Space" will forever hold a spot in our hearts, or, more accurately, a spot on our faces, where those old-timey paper glasses once sat.

Good news, vintage flick lovers: Those pop-off-the-screen gems'll once again reign during the World 3-D Expo III, which is set to take over The Egyptian Theatre for ten days, from Friday, Sept. 6 through Sunday, Sept. 15.

The theme of this Expo? The 60th Anniversary of the Golden Age of 3-D.

Which means a whole swamp-load of colorful creature features'll scurry into the Hollywood-based venue. "House of Wax" is on there -- and, nope, it isn't a creature feature, but it is plenty creepy -- as is "Revenge of the Creature" and "Robot at Large."

But not all Golden Age 3-D was about monsters extending their hairy hands toward the audience. The Expo will feature a few noir treats, like "I the Jury," and "Those Redheads From Seattle," which is a musical.

Hmm. How many 3-D musicals have we seen? Clearly not enough. We imagine there's a lot of leg-kicking during dance numbers, the better to capitalize upon the 3-D technology. 

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And while we ponder the state of 3-D films today -- are there too many? Not enough? Can they make glasses that sit on smaller kidly faces a bit better? -- we can all agree that the 1950s turned out some real ring-dingers.

A whole mess of 'em will be up, in glorious hues and with pizzazz-y effects, for ten days in September.

Fingers crossed that the classic paper red-and-blue-lensed glasses will be a part of the Expo, too.

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