Shake Shack Now Has DIY Sundae Kits

The festive, enjoy-at-home packs brim with confection-cool components like frozen custard and toppings.

Shake Shack

What to Know

  • Available for take out, pick-up, or delivery
  • $24.99
  • Two pints of custard, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, more

"Alchemy" is a word that seems to pop up in conversation quite often, and usually not when people are deeply discussing the centuries-old approach to chemistry.

Rather, finding the perfect combination of something in our lives is when we typically truck out the handy term, for it also refers to the fact that the right elements, layered in the right amounts, can create something rather enchanting.

And few things capture our alchemy-focused attentions like a perfect meal or dessert.

We want just the right amount of spice or cheese or sauce on our entrée, and we want our sundae topped just exactly how we like it, with the ideal combo of sprinkles, whipped cream, and fudge.

Shake Shack hears us on that last point, and to help our summer sweet-seeking obtain a higher level of alchemy, the company is offering a new DIY Sundae Kit for take home, make-at-home enjoyment.

The $24.99 kit can be found at all LA-area Shake Shacks, and in San Diego, too (note you'll want to take it out, pick it up, or have it delivered).

What's included?

The do-it-yourself dessert line-up includes " ...1 pint of Vanilla Custard, 1 pint of Chocolate Custard, whole can of Whipped Cream, Fudge Sauce, Strawberry Sauce, Rainbow Sprinkles, Chocolate Cookie Crumbs, Sugar Cones + Spoons."

And if you want to go the full DIY, make-it-at-home route, those popular ShackBurger Kits, which debuted on UberEats in the spring, are still available for purchase, too.

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