Share Your Personal ‘CarStory' With The Petersen

The automotive museum regularly publishes lively accounts of how people connected with their wheels.

David Zaitz/Petersen Automotive Museum

What to Know

  • The Petersen Automotive Museum at Wilshire and Fairfax
  • Temporarily closed, but looking for people's stories about their autos
  • You might see your story on The Petersen blog or another digital space

How is your #StayatHome going?

You've probably gotten a good deal done, connected with some cousins or old friends, cleaned out a cupboard or two.

But you're not driving all that much, if at all, and you're missing sitting in your car, and visiting car shows, and thinking about all of the sleek-fender'd spectaculars that regularly vroom around California.

There is a way to find some of that auto-fun joy, even as you sit on the couch with your laptop, living your #StayatHome life.

For the Petersen Automotive Museum, the Miracle Mile-based go-to for everything sleek and sporty, is looking for interesting "CarStories," the real-world tales of humans and the vehicles that changed their lives.

Tidbits like when you purchased your car, any work you did on it, where you've gone with your car, places you might have showed it, and what's under the hood can be included, as well as a few sweet snapshots.

"We love sharing our 'carstories' through our museum and the vehicles within it, and we would love to share yours!" is The Peterson's clarion call to car mavens.

Could your story delight other auto aficionados out there?

Your fellow open-road lovers, the people who are also dreaming of future days spent on a long ribbon of remote highway?

Do you have something special to share about how you found your wheels, or saved up for them, or how your dream machine changed once it was in your garage?

Check out the CarStories that are up on The Petersen blog now, and get inspired.

Is this the story prompt you've been looking for during your stay-at-home time, to finally tap into your inner creativity?

Let your car, and your passion for it, lead the way.

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