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All-You-Can-Carry Pumpkin Patch at Santa Monica Farmers Market



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    Hope you've been lifting weights -- Santa Monica Farmers Market has all the pumpkins you can carry for five bucks, today.

    Every time we're at Santa Monica Farmers Market, we vow to return with one of those little rolling cart thingies, because our arms get overloaded with the Gerber daisies and the avocadoes and the Brazil nuts and the fresh-baked loaves of rosemary-olive bread. Today, however, the cart would be of absolutely no use: Santa Monica Farmers Market is letting people have all the pumpkins they can carry for 25 feet for just five bucks.

    The question is, do you go big, really big, and find the perfect spherical guy for your carving party tomorrow night? Or do you try and stuff 17 minis in your armpits and between your hip and elbow? We can't answer that for you. But we do have two suggestions -- look for unusual shapes that might fit together well in your arms, like puzzle pieces; we're talking the oblongs and the squat ones.

    And two, after you've taken your heaping pile of gourd-y goodness back to your car, you might check out the Halloween-week menu at Locanda del Lago, located just north of the market. We hear the dishes are going to be as delicious as it is dastardly.

    All-You-Can-Carry Pumpkin Patch
    Santa Monica Farmers Market, Third and Arizona, Santa Monica
    Wednesday, October 29