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American Apparel's Traveling Flea Market



    American Apparel's Traveling Flea Market
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    The American Apparel flea market lands in SoCal for two days only, October 6th and 7th.

    It's this nippy weather, right? You're thinking hoodie. You're thinking a light sweatshirt, or tights.

    We're thinking tights, and tees, and other American Apparel items for $2. Two hundred pennies. And those items are available at the chain's traveling flea market, which just happens to be landing at USC on Tuesday, October 6th and Cal Poly Pomona on Wednesday, October 7th.  

    Granted, two bucks is the starting point. But still, there will be sweet dealage on all types of American Apparel apparel. We're not kidding about the tights. The one-leg-is-green-one-leg-is-another-color stockings. You've seen those? They appeal to our inner harlequin.

    It's free to get into the flea market, it lasts from 9AM-8PM both days, and there will be lots of looking to be done. Addresses and other helpful details are listed here.

    Happy hoodie-ing, coeds and other interested American Apparel fans.