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It's Daytime Emmys Weekend



    Be the Toast of the Breeders’ Cup
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    Actress Lesli Kay and couture star Jonathon Lloyd find Ms. Kay the perfect Daytime Emmy Awards gown.

    LLOYD KLEIN COUTURE GOWNS: Actress Lesli Kay of "The Bold and The Beautiful" stopped by the Lloyd Klein Couture Laboratory a few days back to eye Emmy-ready gowns. And while all the fabric-based artworks looked red carpet-worthy, we've landed on the Fairy dress for our fantasy Emmy Awards appearance. All that corsetry. You know we'd make the mags.

    ALL MY CHILDREN CHARM! SPRAY: Charm is the word, because we're charmed with how this bottle of fragrance is described. Quote: "Each bottle comes complete with the Charm that Zach sent Kendall right before he was trapped in the bomb shelter." We've never read "bomb shelter" in a perfume description before. Daytime TV, we flat-out adore you. AMC fans, make for the ABC TV Store.

    "ALL THE DAYS OF MY LIFE (SO FAR)": "Days" villainess Alison Sweeney has talked about her weight issues, and we admire her for that; we can only think she has inspired many fans to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Sami Brady wrote a book a few years back which details her life, exercise and diet, and her long run as a daytime diva on the NBC series. Via Amazon, $13.50

    YEARS ON TELEVISION": It's a hardcover book celebrating the tangling, fighting, loving families that people the fashion-y drama. Reason we're keen on this work in particular: the pull-out "Family Tree" poster. Wouldn't you like to see one of those for every soap? Probably helps clear up relationships/motives for newcomers. Via the CBS Store, $24.99

    CULINARY HIGHLIGHTS: You've got your gown; your fragrance; your reading for the limo. Now, what to make at your party? All the "Outstanding Culinary Program" chefs have books. Lots of books, and one famous magazine. Nom-nom nominees include the Barefoot Contessa, Giada de Laurentiis, Bobby Flay, and Ming Tsai. "Diary of a Foodie" from Gourmet is also on the list. Whatever you make -- especially if it is delicious and savory and barbecue sauce-y (hello Bobby Flay) -- best take off that Lloyd Klein couture first, and dine in your skivvies.