Snap a Pic With R2-D2 at the Academy Museum's ‘Star Wars Day' Celebration

May the 4th be with you: The Miracle Mile movieverse will be the stellar spot for all sorts of galactic goings-on.

Academy Museum

What to Know

  • Thursday, May 4, 1:30 to 9:45 p.m.
  • The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, 6067 Wilshire Boulevard; tickets available now
  • Photos with R2-D2, art activities, book signings, and more; guests are welcome to wear costumes

Stopping R2-D2 while he's on the roll?

We'd never dare, not when he might be delivering important plans to the Rebel Alliance, or attempting to help Luke Skywalker out of a bind, or hurrying to meet C-3PO at the appointed place and time. (We imagine standing up the golden droid, a character with a famous penchant for rule-minding, is a major no-no.)

But if R2-D2 is swinging by a cinematic wonderland with the express purpose of posing for pictures with "Star Wars" fans? Well, that is a different story, one that will be joyfully told on Thursday, May 4 at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

For the Force is strong on that particular date, which every Jedi with access to a calendar knows.

May 4, or May the 4th is "Star Wars" Day, and if you're inclined to say "May the 4th be with you" throughout the cosmic occasion, there are special parties around Southern California you should know about.

And one of the biggest?

It's happening at the Miracle Mile movie museum throughout the afternoon and evening of May 4, starting with the cheery chance to take a picture with R2-D2.

Art activities inspired by the liveliest corners of the Lucasverse are also on the schedule, as are book signings related to the far-reaching phenom.

Paul Hirsch, the Oscar-winning film editor who worked on both "A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes Back" will be signing his book "A long time ago in a cutting room far, far away" while producer Howard Kazanjian's "A Producer's Life" will also be in the celebration's spotlight.

R2-D2 will return for more drolly droid-tastic snapshots, then "Return of the Jedi" grandly screens in the David Geffen Theater.

Don't run but do Ewok to this page to buy your ticket to the screening if you want to get Endor, er, we mean in the door.

The full schedule and admission information? Find everything you need to know to go Solo, or attend with your #1 Wookiee, on the Academy Museum site.

As for rocking your best Rey attire or Obi-Wan outfit?

You are most welcome to do so. After all, the universe is so very vast but a single day devoted to Star Wars only lands but once a year.

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