So Sprinkles Has a Flamin' Hot Cheetos Cupcake

Better nab one of these unusual hot-sweet creations ASAP, though.

What to Know

  • Sprinkles Cupcakes
  • Through Sunday, July 29
  • $4-$5.25, depending upon the shop you visit

While there's some sort of food holiday that falls on every single day of the year, it can seem as though summer has a luscious lock on our favorite foodie staples, from hot dogs to ice cream sandwiches to the sort of snacky treats that keep the sweatiest season at bay.

We're still waiting, however, for some big cheese to proclaim Flamin' Hot Cheeto Cupcake Day, for we truly feel, deep in our heat-seeking, sweet-seeking heart, that this incredible creation's moment has arrived.

It sure has at Sprinkles Cupcakes, which is featuring the offbeat noshable through Sunday, July 29.

True, it's a short window, but we're pretty confident that fans of Cheetos and aficionados of small and flavorful cakes will make their happy way to their local Sprinkles shop, all to find out just what in gracious this goodie is about.

Here's what's it is mainly about: Vanilla cake, with white cheddar cheese frosting, and a double delivery of Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

First sighting as you prepare for that initial bite? The vibrantly hued topping of the cupcake.

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Second wave of Cheeto cheesiness? The cupcake's core, where crushed Cheetos comprise a bright orange middle to the tangy-meets-traditional confection.

The cost of this quirky edible will run from four bucks to $5.25, and that all depends upon which Sprinkles you stop by for your one-of-a-kind cupcake.

So when will Flamin' Hot Cheetos Cupcake Day be?

Who will proudly stand forth and call this what it should be, a soon-to-be-famous food holiday?

We're waiting, holiday makers. But, for now, we have the crunchy, smooth, and cakey wonder available to us, for a fiver and a quarter, or even less, at our local Sprinkles Cupcakes.

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