So There's This New Sandwich Inside a Slice of Pizza

You can find the cheesy, decadent creation at Fat Sal's Deli, but only for a limited time.

What to Know

  • Fat Sal's Deli
  • Hollywood, Encino, Westwood, San Diego
  • $11.99

You've probably told a friend or family member, at some time or another, about a a meal or dish or dessert you ate outside of your home, an edible that was interesting or notable or in some way worthy of attention.

And you may have found yourself giving a bit of a prelude to the dish, before the big reveal, because the dish was so offbeat that it deserved its own intro.

Such is the story with the new limited-time offering at Fat Sal's Deli, which is known for its piled-high sandwiches and loaded-with-practically-everything fries.

It's the Fat Fuhgettaboutit, and it is a sandwich that uses not bread, but a slice of pizza, as its munchable outer shell.

Well, some may call it a sandwich, some might define it as a cheeseburger, as there is a cheeseburger involved, as well as chicken fingers, bacon, mozzarella sticks, fries, and ranch dressing.

Aaand the aforementioned, can't-not-mention-it "bread" of the sandwich, that sizable pizza slice.

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True, pizza slices may have already been employed here and there as sandwich bread, but Fat Sal's Deli is billing this as "a Pizza Sandwich to end all Sandwiches!" Which may mean you need to try it and see, or pick up a dozen for your Super Bowl-watching crew and have the crowd roadtest it.

Where to find such a singular sauce-laden sandwich holder? There are locations in Hollywood, Westwood, and Encino, and San Diego, too.

The price is $11.99.

So what'll be the first restaurant to make a pizza sandwich filled with another slice of pizza? Or even pizza rolls? Or is that not a kooky calzone, in a way?

Well, we have had burger buns made from ramen noodles in recent years, and waffle bubbles created to hold ice cream. Surely a pizza slice can carry just about any savory cuisine out there, and do so with spicy, super-tummy-filling panache.

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