Palos Verdes Peninsula

South Coast Botanic Garden Is Home to Hidden Gnomes

"Gnome Sweet Gnome," a sweet scavenger hunt, is happening all Father's Day Weekend.

Peter Dazeley

What to Know

  • Through June 20, 2021
  • Palos Verdes Peninsula
  • Admission is the same as entry to the garden; craft beer, cocktails, and charcuterie will be for sale during specific hours

Have you ever strolled by an elf or fairy door in your neighborhood, a small and whimsically decorated entryway that's often affixed to the lower part of a fence or placed near the base of a tree?

It's a moment that can light up your child's imagination, and yours as well.

For cute questions are almost sure to arise. Like, "what sort of magical beings call such a place home? Have they lived in the area for long? And are there other hidden doorways we're missing?"

In that spirit, that there's magic out there if you only look for it, South Coast Botanic Garden has created an outdoor scavenger hunt that is perfect for tots who adore fairy tales and enchanting adventures, and their adventure-loving parents, too.

Also quite perfect?

"Gnome Sweet Gnome" is happening over Father's Day Weekend, giving people a chance to visit the spacious 87-acre garden, all with an adorable shared goal.

And that goal is all about discovering the hidden gnomes that staff members have creatively placed around the property.

We did mention that the Palos Verdes Peninsula destination is a very roam-able 87 acres, yes? That means your peepers will need to be well-peeled to spy the sweet figures, especially if they're partially obscured by leaves or flowers.

Or, perhaps the clever gnomes found their way to their secret spots on their own?

Good to know: The admission to the gnome-tastic scavenger hunt is the same as your admission to the gardens.

The Bar Society will be on the grounds during specific days and hours, in case the grown-ups would like a cocktail or craft beer to quaff while they ponder where the next gnome might be.

And if the adults are peckish? There are charcuterie boards for sale alongside the beverages.

Call it a quirky way to greet Father's Day, which arrives, this year, just ahead of June 21. Oh, surely you know what that day is, yes? It's National Gnome Day.

But this fantastical and fun experience will wrap up on Sunday the 20th, do note. And that makes sense, for surely all of the garden's hidden gnomes will want to celebrate their own special day on June 21, in their own way, which we get.

For more on this sunshiny slice of Southern California charm, gnome, er, roam the South Coast Botanic Garden site now.

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