Springtime U-Pick Wagon Rides Begin at Tanaka Farms

Eager to get some sunshine and stock up on fresh strawberries? This Irvine destination is the open-air expanse you're seeking.

Tanaka Farms

What to Know

  • Tanaka Farms in Irvine
  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through Sunday, April 4 (Easter)
  • $20 (wagon ride and picking strawberries or two vegetables); children under 2 and military members are admitted free)

Claiming that you can barely take a step in any direction and not encounter a strawberry these days is as hyperbolic a statement as a strawberry is red.

And yet? Just about everywhere you turn, strawberries are adding seed-sweet flavor to salads, smoothies, and anything else that would be bettered by a strawberry's sweet presence.

So, basically everything and anything.

Salt & Straw's Strawberry Tres Leches, an ice cream classic, is back on its shelves for a limited time, and The Donut Man's celebrated strawberry-stuffed doughnut has returned for its much-anticipated seasonal run.

Now the window for strawberry picking has opened, giving families the chance to experience sunbeams, spring breezes, and fruit that was on the vine extremely recently.

To festively facilitate strawberry lovers enjoying the freshest versions of their favorite fruits, Tanaka Farms has begun Springtime U-Pick Wagon Rides, which have a strong strawberry-focused mission.

Which is this: Get families to just-ripening strawberries, all so people can pick the juiciest offerings and take them home.

Of course, "crop availability" is always on the minds of the Tanaka Farms team, and if it isn't possible to pick strawberries, you'll be able to pick a pair of vegetables instead.

And an outing spent gathering vegetables for your dinner that night? It's an experience that's also delicious, nutritious, and full of sunbeams, breezes, and fresh air.

The Springtime U-Pick Wagon Rides will roll every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through April 4, which is Easter.

The cost is $20 per person, you'll want to remember your mask, and reading up on all that is happening at the historic Irvine produce-packed property, safety-wise and everything-else-wise, is a smart idea.

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