Star Chefs Helm ‘Taste of sbe,' an At-Home Cooking Series

Sushi, carbonara, and empanadas are on the list of the "interactive experiences."


What to Know

  • $50 for five sessions
  • Available through Jan. 9, 2021
  • Learn how to make sushi from scratch, great empanadas, and more

If you're the foodie in the family, you may be the lucky recipient of cool cookbooks and silicone mitts and interesting spoons and the sorts of kitchen implements that immediately convey that you spend your happiest hours by the light of the oven.

And if you got some or all of those items over the holidays? Lucky you.

How, though, to find further food-strong inspiration, the sorts of warmly conveyed tips and ideas that acclaimed chefs are known for delivering?

By signing up for a virtual "Taste of sbe," a five-session set that's available for viewing through Jan. 9, 2021.

Indeed, the "sbe" in the name is the hospitality company that's behind so many major eateries and cuisine-oriented events.

At the helm of this enjoy-at-home happening?

A quintet of top toques, including Dani Garcia of BIBO, Masaharu Morimoto of Morimota Daha, and Victor Rosado of Fi'lia. The topics? The making of sushi, the creation of empanadas, the cooking of Bistecca alla Fiorentina, and the stirring of most sublime cocktails, too.

Actors, musicians, and television hosts, all restaurant enthusiasts, will make cameos along the way, so look for Giuliana Rancic, Nick Jonas, Bryan Cranston, and Aaron Paul.

The cost for the five "interactive experiences" is $50.

Past Taste of sbe happenings have been very much of the in-person variety.

Now this virtual event brings it home, to your place, where you can jump right into sushi-making or empanadas for dinner.

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