The Great American Takeout Sends Holiday Love to Local Eateries

The campaign, created to help restaurants during the pandemic, is asking us to order takeout through New Year's, all to support our favorite spots.

The Great American Takeout/Eugene Mymrin

What to Know

  • The campaign has sought to keep restaurants in the spotlight during the pandemic with giveaways, promotions, and other perks
  • The team is asking people to order takeout through New Year's
  • Tag a restaurant and share pictures of your yummy order on social media

A greeting card that's full of festive cheer is a welcome sight in December, of course.

But not ever message of merriness, togetherness, and hope has to arrive inside an envelope with a stamp attached.

Look to The Great American Takeout, a restaurant-supporting campaign that came together in the spring of 2020.

The effort, which was founded by advertising agency High Wide & Handsome, has been all about calling attention to our local eateries, their employees, and how we can help during the closures, challenges, and changes that the pandemic brought to the industry.

And a "card" of sorts was just sent, via social media, to the businesses that continue to operate for takeout and delivery, even in the face of continuing struggles, as the year winds down.

And this was the hope-filled message: Your fans are still here for you.

If you're one of those foodie fans, and you've been thinking of ordering takeout from a local favorite, The Great American Takeout team is encouraging you to do so through New Year's Day 2021.

For the holiday season, specifically the days ahead of the New Year's celebrations? It's traditionally an important and busy time for many restaurants.

To help those eateries thrive during a different and difficult year, as area eateries are shuttered to in-person dining, the ask on behalf of the campaign is simple: Order takeout or delivery before we bid 2020 goodbye.


Tagging a restaurant you adore in a word-spreading post, potentially sending future fans in its deserving direction, is also a kind-hearted and good-spirited thing to do.

Start here for more on The Great American Takeout, which has returned to kindly recommend that we order out, if we can, all to help a cherished local eatery move forward into a brighter new year.

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