Star Wars

‘Star Wars’-Inspired Pop-Up on the Way

This is the Mos Eisley-cool cantina you're looking for.

Scum & Villainy Cantina

If you found yourself turning your head calmly this week, with a gentle but quizzical look on your face, as though you sensed a change in the Force, your Yoda-esque instincts were as right as a Wookiee is furry: Something "Star War"-sian is alighting in Hollywood in only a matter of months.

It's the Scum & Villainy Cantina, a vivacious ode to the Mos Eisley venue where Luke Skywalker first got a taste of the rapscallion-filled, Stormtrooper-serious universe beyond his boyhood homestead.

Nerdist reveals that the spot " a temporary pop-up experience with an immersive environment," an experience that is due to debut for a limited time "this winter."

But that doesn't mean you can't polish your landspeeder now and send your Solo-style vest to the cleaners: The galactic must-visit will begin accepting reservations in a matter of days.

The hours are strictly in the evenings, save Saturdays which will see some afternoon action. You might be able to walk-in, too, but that's a whole "first come, first served" deal, so reserve if you definitely have to see this place.

But will any of the actors seen in the legendary Cantina Scene from "Episode IV: A New Hope" swing by? That's unknown, though you can don your best beehive, a la the Tonnika sisters, or simply rock your Chewie-inspired faux fur, in homage.

Whether an AT-AT will be able walk through the front door remains to be seen, of course.

It will be wintertime, after all, and while Tatooine wasn't the coldest of planets, Hollywood does have its occasional frosty nights. 

This may just be the cosmic pop-up you're looking for, it turns out.

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