Start the New Year With a Pancake Giveaway

Denny's has a syrup-sweet deal on: Make an order for $5 or more through the site or app and score two pancakes, for free, plus free delivery, too.


What to Know

  • Through Jan. 18
  • Place your order through or the app
  • Spend $5 or more and get two free pancakes and free delivery, too

How do we find the filling foods we crave, all to face a new year, our resolutions, our goals, and our ever-lengthy list of must-dos?

Sometimes we turn an eye to the calendar, to see when our favorite food day is nigh. Because if your go-to goodie has its national holiday? Finding a freebie, or at least a discount, isn't always too difficult.

But there's awhile yet before National Pancake Day arrives (it's in September, sigh), and flapjack specials must wait, even as we crave them on cooler winter mornings.

What if you didn't have to wait to save? You don't, if you order through the Denny's site or app.

For the pancakean place, known for its fluffy stacks of batter-based bliss, has a deal on now.

It's got a few tempting parts, but let's begin with the freebie: You'll score a free two-stacker of pancakes if you spend five dollars, or more, through the website or app.

So you say you want to order a couple of omelets for the other members of the family? Treat your egg aficionados, then enjoy the free flapjacks on your own.

You'll also enjoy free delivery, too.

But this isn't a forever-and-always deal, and it definitely won't last through to September, when National Pancake Day officially arrives.

You'll need to order through the site or app, spend five bucks or more, and then enjoy our gratis pancakes by Jan. 18.

Something as sweet as syrup? No code is required at checkout.

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