New Goodies Go Golden, in Honor of a New Year, at Peet's

Turmeric is in the sippable spotlight at your local Peet's Coffee, but only for a short time.

Peet's Coffee

What to Know

  • Find them at Peet's Coffee from Jan. 6 through March 2, 2021
  • A Golden Tonic and a Golden Latte are available hot or on ice
  • A pair of frittatas just debuted, too

The holiday season seems to boast as many new coffee drinks and coffeehouse treats as a tree has ornaments, and discovering which drink will be your fresh favorite, and if it will feature peppermint, gingerbread, or something sugarplummy, can take the whole month of December.

But it is good to keep in mind, as you find out which beverage will make your holiday season sweeter, that January, too, always has its slate of hot new drinks.

Well make that hot and iced, of course, because we're in Southern California, where wintertime, like the one we're currently experiencing, can be on the sunnier side.

Peet's Coffee, a started-in-California classic, delivered mightily on the holiday drinks front in 2020, but the yuletide is definitely over and we're seeking novel experiences for the new year.

To help out? Peet's Coffee is debuting two new golden drinks on Jan. 6, but only for a limited time.

The Golden Tonic, which can be ordered hot or iced, tempts.

Turmeric adds that gold touch, but citrus and ginger are the other "golden" elements. "Smooth Mighty Leaf® Green Tea Tropical, steamed with a touch of earthy turmeric, joins bright yuzu citrus and warming ginger with a touch of honey for a boost of golden goodness," is the description.

Look also for a Golden Latte, which also includes ginger, as well as honey and Espresso Forte.

On the food side of the wintertime roster?

An Egg White Frittata, with tomato and feta, is one get-moving choice, while a hearty bacon-centered frittata, with spinach and Swiss, is the other pick.

Find these four new offerings at Peet's Coffee through March 2, 2021, and raise a cup of something golden, and perhaps a frittata, too, to the golden new year.

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