La Cañada Flintridge

Sweet Spring Plans Are Budding at Descanso Gardens

The La Cañada Flintridge treasure, a 150-acre wonderland of oaks, camellias, and gorgeous growing things, looks ahead.

Descanso Gardens

What to Know

  • The La Cañada Flintridge garden is open (face coverings and other safety guidelines are in place)
  • Advance reservations are necessary; limited capacity
  • Camellias will be the star flower in February while tulips will bloom in March

April showers are often said to bring the flowers of May, it's true.

But what about the blossoms that pop up at some of Southern California's more spectacular spots in February and March?

January rains can help those blooms grow bigger, and our region is about to experience a multi-day, moisture-bringing storm, the sort of event that helps the flowers of spring long before they even appear aboveground.

And many of those flowers will gorgeously appear at Descanso Gardens in the months to come.

With that in mind, the 150-acre La Cañada Flintridge green space is looking ahead, with hope, to all that petal-laden prettiness that is due at the delightful expanse in a number of weeks.

Descanso Gardens is currently open, with advance reservations to help limited capacity. Face coverings are required, as is social distancing.

As for what flower fans can expect to see as the sweet season of spring draws closer?

Look for a blossom-rich bounty of camellias, "the queen of the winter flowers," and a showy specimen that's synonymous with Descanso Gardens.

In March?

It's all about the tulips at the rambling space. Volunteers and staffers planted around 30,000 bulbs in early January, and the late-January rains will help these future tulips to grow.

Look also for a number of colorful art displays around the airy destination, all themed to the charming idea of "Birds & Nests."

Cherry blossoms, too, are expected at the property's ethereal Japanese Garden when the weather begins to get warmer. It's a stunning spot filled with flowering fruit trees, making for perfect picture-taking opportunities.

Tomatomania is expected to return near the end of March, looking "a little different" due to safety precautions.

But if you're hoping to grow heirloom tomatoes in your backyard this year, this would be a helpful stop-by, thanks to all of the tomato seedlings for sale.

Oh yes, pepper people: Your favorite fruit will also be featured, too.

"Visitors had to miss all of this spring splendor when the pandemic shut the Gardens down last March," said Juliann Rooke, Executive Director, Descanso Gardens.

"But this year we're thrilled that guests will be able to enjoy an explosion of color and beauty when our plants put on their annual show. We're so excited to be celebrating the season together this coming year, gathering inspiration and strength from nature as we go into what will surely be a better year."

When the rains blow through and the flowers begin to pop up, how can you keep track?

Alighting upon the Descanso Gardens social sites, like a butterfly onto a lilac bush, is a grand idea for staying in the know about the nature-peaceful place.

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