Sweet Sylmar Servals Are in the Stay-at-Home Spotlight

Wildlife Learning Center is celebrating its spotted, big-of-ear residents via a Facebook Live event.

Wildlife Learning Center

What to Know

  • Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar
  • The center is temporarily closed, but is sharing live events on social media
  • Join a Facebook Live walk with the cats on March 30 at 2 p.m.

You love lynxes. You're mad for mountain lions. And lions? You'd be lying if you said you didn't have more than a few photos of the fabulous felines up around the house.

But the serval? It's a cat that you know of, surely, but maybe don't know about.

You've been wanting to find out more on this African animal, though, and where it roams, and what it eats, and its giant ears, and that gorgeous coat, the one that seems to rock stunning stripes and spots in a simultaneous fashion.

The Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar, which happens to be home to more than one serval, can help you get up on your need-to-knows about this beautiful cat.

In fact, the sanctuary will be going on a serval walk at 2 p.m. on Monday, March 30, and you're invited along via Facebook Live.

Have a question? Keepers will also be addressing all of your curious inquiries about this small-ish but big-of-spirit kitty.

As for the servals that call the center home? Meet Slade, Sky, and Tag, three cats that "... were kept as illegal pets and declawed before coming to the Wildlife Learning Center."

"Because they have no way to hunt in the wild, they can't be released and therefore have a forever home here with us in Sylmar," reveals a Facebook post.

Want to study up on servals before the afternoon meet-up? Find out more at the Wildlife Learning Center serval page now.

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