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The ‘Golden Doggies' Will Fête LA Fidos

You can enter the Golden Road Brewing contest, which will offer a host of pup-pleasing prizes.

Adriana Duduleanu / EyeEm

What to Know

  • Golden Road Brewing's contest, which is raising money for Wags & Walks, is open through March 9, 2022
  • Follow @goldenroadbrew on Twitter or Instagram, then share a pic of your gussied-up pup with the tags #GoldenDoggies and #contest
  • Prize packs include a year's supply of treats and lots more

Your pooch may easily dash along the sidewalk, or romp across the grass, and there's just no way you're ever keeping him from a stretch of goopy, glorious, super-soggy mud.

But you know, in your pup-obsessed heart, that he was made to sashay across the red carpet, to pose before the paparazzi, and to dazzle every dog lover he encounters with his charm, cheerful nature, drooly mouth, and knack for nuzzling.

How can you give this Most Excellent Boy, or your Very Good Girl, the adulation, respect, and victory they are so clearly due?

Golden Road Brewing has a playful plan, and it is themed to awards season, which we're currently trotting through.

The Southern California-based craft brewery is hosting an online happening called the "Golden Doggies," and it works like this: You'll want to follow @goldenroadbrew on Twitter or Instagram, then share a fabulous photograph of your gussied-up pup with the tags #GoldenDoggies and #contest.

This snapshot can feature your furry baby in a bow tie, a tiara, or another fancy outfit of your choosing.

Your hound can compete in one of five Fido-fun categories: Best Red Carpet Attire, Best Lookalike, Best Supporting Tail Wag, Best Trick Pose, and Best Doggie Duo.

And, you bet: "Best Lookalike" can be focused on you and your dog. But if your baby looks like a celebrity? That, too, will count.

Golden Road will announce the winners in March. And if you're a victor? You'll score a Hollywoof Prize Pack, which includes a free monthly meal subscription service, dog treats for a year, a photo session for your honeybun, and lots more.

There will be an awards ceremony, too, down the road, if you want to show your canine cuddler off in person (or in dog, if you prefer).

Just be sure to enter by March 9, 2022.

And the sweetest bit of this starry showdown?

Wags and Walks will receive a dollar for each entry posted, courtesy of the company.

Your pup may never walk a Tinseltown red carpet, but by helping other dogs out, by entering this contest, you know that your Utterly Amazing Girl, or your Very Good Boy will always walk with their shaggy head held high.

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