The Moon Tastes Like Blueberries, It Turns Out

Or at least pies inspired by the 50th anniversary of the moon landing do, at The Pie Hole.

What to Know

  • The Pie Hole locations
  • Through July 2019
  • $1.75 each

In the most vivid corridors of your imagination, does the moon taste like A) cheese or B) moon or C) cold or D) a small, two-bite pie slathered in blueberry glaze?

We know, it can be hard to conceptualize what the flavor of cold or moon might actually be.

And as for the moon being made of cheese? Well, everyone knows that ol' chestnut. (It's not true... right?)

But the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 trip to the moon actually really does taste of blueberries, at least as imagined by The Pie Hole.

For the local pie-makers have created a cosmic confection to pay toothsome tribute to the awe-inspiring occasion, and they've called upon the mighty blueberry to lend this limited-time treat some true blue oomph.

And fruity flavor, too, of course. There also snackable stars on top of the wee Apollo Pie Hole, because "the moon and the stars" is as natural for us to think about as what kind of cheese the moon might be.

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The Pie Hole's partner on this galactic goodie? APOLLO 11, The Immersive Live Show.

How to score some of these lil' pies for your out-of-this-world Apollo 11 celebration on July 20? By stopping by your local shop and picking several up. 

They're $1.75 each, which is, we don't need to tell you, rather more affordable than your average rocket trip.

Really, now: What's the flavor of the moon?

We'll go with "moon," pretty firmly, but for a few whimsical weeks, down here on Earth, in North America, in Southern California, at a group of imaginative pie shops, the taste of our lunar satellite is absolutely boasting some blueberry pizzazz.

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