The Natural History Museum's Last Summer Bash Is Buzzing By

The free virtual event will celebrate "Plants and Their Wildlife Partners," DJ music, and a zingy botanical cocktail recipe, too.

Russ Henry / EyeEm

What to Know

  • Friday, Aug. 7
  • 6-8 p.m.
  • Free, but do RSVP for your complimentary ticket

The final party of the summer season? There's always poignancy involved, and deep feelings, and a not-so-hidden wish that the good times can go on blooming forever.

But flowers, plants, and even animals have their seasons, and the season for Summer Nights at Home, a free virtual series presented by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, is coming to a close.

There is still one more ebullient evening to go, though, and it is opening its petals on Friday, Aug. 7.

As with past Summer Nights at Home events, both in-person and online, the theme is the garden, nature, and the fabulous fauna and flora that make a home in our urban region.

"Plants and Their Wildlife Partners" will be the opening talk, and their will be discussion of pollination, plant-animal relationships, and other fascinating nature-based topics.

Leading the fascinating charge?

The museum's Nature Gardens Horticulture team, so you know you'll get some sweet insider tips on the plantverse, which is sort of like the universe but much, much leafier.

Knights of Zion will deliver the music-marvelous vibes at 7 o'clock, so be sure to linger a little longer when the plant-fun chitchat wraps.

As for your make-at-home botanical cocktail? Look for a recipe from Post & Beam at the NHMLAC site. It's a Lavender-Honey Summer Collins, an ideal libation to sip as you ponder soil and leaves and critters and the wild world just outside.

Again, all free (save the ingredients for your at-home drink, if you choose to make it), but you'll want to let the museum know you want to be on the guest list.

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