The Norton Simon Has Free ‘Meditative Moments'

The Pasadena museum is posting pictures of some of its most iconic treasures, along with short and contemplative vocal meditations.

Norton Simon Art Foundation

What to Know

  • A weekly meditation presented by Mariko Tu, Manager of Youth & Family Programs; meditations include breathing, walking, and hope
  • Several Norton Simon artworks are featured
  • The Norton Simon Museum is temporarily closed

Entering a reverie as you stand before a moving painting, a work that includes a host of profound and timeless themes, the sort of themes that connect the hearts of all humans?

It's a scene seen daily in museums, as visitors find that one piece, or two or three, that truly seems to widen their thoughts, raise their vibrations, and inspire broader outlooks.

But as many local museums remain closed, fans of such important and soul-true moments must put such marvelous meditative experiences on hold.

The Norton Simon, however, is helping art aficionados continue to connect to paintings and sculptures on a deeper level, even from home.

To help fans of the Pasadena institution do that, there's a series called "Meditative Moments."

The free feature, which was recently introduced to give comfort and joy to people during the pandemic response, features a number of Norton Simon works, and a vocal description detailing what those works represent, in a way that evokes a meditative response.

In fact, the series is called "Meditative Moments."

"The Museum’s Education staff incorporates mindfulness and meditation into many of their in-gallery programs as a way to encourage thoughtful contemplation of the remarkable artworks on view," shared the museum.

"While the Museum is temporarily closed, they have recreated some of these concepts into an easy-to-follow at-home routine, which we hope brings some moments of peace and calm during this stressful period."

"Read the prompts online, or listen to Manager of Family & Youth Programs Mariko Tu as she guides you through these short and relaxing exercises."

How to connect with these meditations, which include walking meditations, breathing meditations, and more? Register for the weekly Norton Simon Museum from Home newsletter, or find all the meditations grouped here.

Pictured: The Pasadena museum is posting pictures of some of its most iconic treasures, along with short and contemplative aural meditations.

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