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The Pizookie-iest Week of the Year Is Here

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse is fundraising for No Kid Hungry, so stop by and help out. Also? Pizookie Day is Sept. 23, and, yep, there's a freebie.

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

What to Know

  • Sept. 23 is Free Pizookie Day (spend $19.95 or more on food and receive a free Pizookie)
  • Sept. 21-27, donate a dollar or more to No Kid Hungry while dining in or taking out and receive a coupon for a free Pizookie on your next visit
  • Be sure to use your coupon by Oct. 30

The classic treats of fall could, and do, fill cookbooks that brim with luscious recipes, gorgeous photos, and plenty of tempting confections.

But what many of us really long for, as summer says hello to fall, is a sweet that's both a little warm and kind of cool.

For that fits the vibe outside. Our afternoons remain toasty, the nights can be brisk, and our dessert-based daydreams have a way of returning to an iconic dessert that reflects both aspects of this time of year.

It's the Pizookie, of course, which is a warm, melty, oh-so-large cookie topped with ice cream, drizzles, and whipped cream. We don't need to break down the hot/cold parts for you on this treat; we trust you get which is which.

Which is why it makes sense for Free Pizookie Day to arrive just a day after autumn shows up. It's Wednesday, Sept. 23 in 2020, and if you stop by a BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, home of the Pizookie, and spend $19.95 on food (take-out, delivery, and dine-in), you'll enjoy a complimentary Pizookie.

Again, that's $19.95 spent on supping, not sipping, so plan your order accordingly.

But here's something even nicer: If you order dine-in or take-out at a BJ's from Sept. 21 through the 27th, you'll have the chance to donate to No Kid Hungry, "... to help make sure kids get the meals they need – during this crisis and beyond."

The minimum donation? It's a dollar. Contribute that, or more if you can, and leave with a coupon for a free Pizookie on your next visit.

Just make sure you redeem that coupon by Oct. 30, 2020.

All of the donations have added up, for the restaurant chain has donated over a million dollars to No Kid Hungry over the last half decade. 

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