“The Third Man” Opens Cinespia Season

The popular film series returns to Hollywood Forever with an Orson Welles classic.

Regardless of where it happens to be located in the world, a film night, or film series, always tries to evoke some movie magic.

That happens through the screening itself, of course, but also through other filmy features, like probing Q&As, dress-up contests, and trivia games.

But Cinespia, the warm-weather Saturday-night series that annually unfurls at Hollywood Forever cemetery, doesn't have to stretch all that far to summon Tinseltown's starry past. It's there, everywhere, all around, and attendees are aware of the movie cred and Hollywood-y heavy-weight-ness that the beautiful setting carries.

So it makes perfect sense that one of the town's greats will be featured in the opening-night film. We're talking Orson Welles and the film? "The Third Man" from 1949. You know it has zither music. You know it is in black & white. You know that it brings the jumps even as it doles out the droll. It's a masterwork indicative of the bridge of time between the war years and the 1950s, and all of the things that came with that transition.

There are many more flicks to come over the summer of 2013, of course, including "American Psycho," "The Party," and "Clueless." Music, socializing, and picnic dinners are part of the swirl.

A ticket runs from $8 to $15.

And the very best part of the night? We like the minutes just before the sun sets. There are no palms like the Hollywood Forever palms, and the sky show, and the trees' silhouettes, very often get the same agog attention that the later movie commands.

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