The Wiltern Fêtes ‘Yellow Submarine' for the Film's 50th

Battle the Blue Meanies and celebrate an animation classic at the historic venue.

What to Know

  • Thursday, Aug. 2
  • Tickets on sale on June 19 at 10 a.m.
  • $10-$15

Sometimes, if not more often than sometimes, it can really feel as if the Blue Meanies are working hard to get you down.

You're battling forces that seek to undo your creative spirit, and you've really only got your mates, your sense of your humor, your stellar songcraft, and a sense of outlandish adventure to pull you through.

We all live in a "Yellow Submarine"? It can seem that way, quite often, but good thing there is a wondrous animated movie, featuring four lads from Liverpool, that has served as a psychedelic, chin-up, tune-tastic travelogue for a half century.

That's right, the classic film starring The Beatles is coming up on its 50th anniversary, but locating the extravagantly exuberant and joy-big avenue to celebrating it seems as tricky as defeating the Dreadful Flying Glove.

There's no need to Lucy sleep over it, though: The Wiltern has a solution that's as sunshiny as a sky filled with diamonds. The historic venue is paying tribute to the groundbreaking work on Thursday, Aug. 2, and all inhabitants of Pepperland are welcome to attend in their widest ties and bellbottom-iest trousers.

Tickets are $10 to $15 and the on-sale date is Tuesday, June 19.

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The eye-dazzler, which was directed by George Dunning, recently received a 4K restoration, with a song and score remix in 5.1 stereo ("at UMG's Abbey Road Studios," no less, with lauded music mix engineer Peter Cobbin).

As befits a gem hailing from 1968, all frame-by-frame restoration was completed by hand.

Food to buy, drinks for sale, DJ tunes, and the chance to wear your full "Sgt. Pepper" regalia, if you like, are also woven through the celebratory night.

Surely you wouldn't dare journey to the Sea of Time or the Sea of Monsters in your everyday jeans or flip-flops?

Shiny buttons and braided epaulets feel like the must-wear order of the day.

After all, enjoying "Nowhere Man" or "Eleanor Rigby" inside the atmospheric Wiltern Theatre, a fanciful structure that seems as if it would fit right into the world of "Yellow Submarine," requires a bit of Beatles-ing up.

Shouldn't one of the most colorful flicks of all time, a real cinema-changer, land at one of the greenest buildings in town for its 50th anniversary? The Beatles did visit the Sea of Green in the beloved work, a kaleidoscopic movie that's chin-up'd audiences and battled Blue Meanies everywhere for five fantastical decades.

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