These Quirky Pizzas Are Perfect for Moms and Grads

Patxi's Pizza will have specials throughout Mother's Day Weekend while Pieology will add a tasty "21" to your order.

Patxi's Pizza/Pieology

What to Know

  • Patxi's Pizza has Mother's Day Weekend specials from May 7-9, including $3 dessert pizzas (with a regular pizza purchase)
  • "21" pizzas are available through June 30 at Pieology
  • Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9, while several local graduation ceremonies will be rolling out through June

Adding the words "are perfect" to the word "pizza" is the very definition of gilding the lily, or attempting to build up a perfect thing that has already obtained utter perfection.

For pizza?

It's pretty much always ideal, whatever the occasion, get-together, or meal happens to be. But if it is a holiday weekend, or there are some celebratory ceremonies on the calendar, pizza's powerful ability to be pretty perfect only grows.

To help us with our sauce-topped springtime cravings, and to add a little foodie flair to a season that has a number of festive happenings, a couple of pizza-making powerhouses will offer specials, or special pizzas, all to make May merrier.

And June, too, of course, if you're planning on showing up at a graduate's home with a pizza box in hand. For Pieology will add a "21" to a pizza, if you like, all to add some specialness to a graduation pizza party.

"We wanted a special way to thank this year’s graduates —from pre-school to college — and let them know that we support their individuality and celebrate their future achievements," said Jennifer Koch, Pieology's Director of Marketing & Sales. "No matter how they are celebrating their accomplishment, Pieology wants to be part of the party."

Be sure to request your "21"-topped pizza "unsliced" if you'd like to take a few pre-eating photos of the picture-worthy pie. And if you share it on social, you may get a "special shout-out" from Pieology.

As for the Mother's Day dining choices originating in the pizza realm? Patxi's Pizza will have deals afoot from May 7-9, 2021, including a three-dollar dessert pizza when you purchase a pizza at a regular price.

That might include a S'Mores Pizza, oh yum, or one that boasts roasted apples, a caramel drizzle, and cream cheese, too.

Can you write the word "pizza" without following up with the word "perfect"? Not if fun toppings or sweet deals are involved. Find yours, over Mother's Day Weekend or into June for a favorite grad, at Patxi's Pizza and Pieology.

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