Things to Do This Week: Try 24Karat Ice Cream

The buzzed-about sweet just debuted at Snowopolis in Anaheim.

24Karat Gold Ice Cream: It's been a snapshot-ready sensation in Hong Kong, Japan, and Dubai; now you can find the goldleaf'd sweet at Snowopolis in Anaheim. It's $14.95 a scoop, the waffle cone "... is pre-sprayed with 24Karat gold dust and filled with vanilla soft serve," and the goldleaf is applied to the vanilla before it is handed to the customer. The treat just debuted, making the week between the ending of the Olympics and Oscar Sunday extra-shiny in the sweet department. Supplies to make the treat are "limited" each day, do note.

"Superman" the Movie's 40th Anniversary: You don't need to journey to the planet Krypton to relish in a certain superhero's thrilling adventures; the TCL Chinese Theatre 6 has them, on the big screen, in honor of the blockbuster's big 4-0. Marc McClure, who played Jimmy Olsen, and Jack O'Hallaran, who, of course, was Non, will be Q&Aing. The date is Tuesday, Feb. 27, the price is ten bucks, and wearing your Clark Kent glasses is always a good idea (though not mandatory).

The Flower Fields open: March 1 isn't yet spring, but spring is drawing near, and the Carlsbad destination is ready to celebration. It takes a few more weeks for the spreads of colorful ranunuculus to fully pop, but there are other to-dos around the property, if you're looking for a garden-themed outing. Take note that The Flower Fields always close after Mother's Day, so no dawdlign. Best keep an eye out for when the bloom gets big, then get to Carlsbad as quickly as you can.

Underwood Family Farms: In other spring-related news, the Moorpark Farm Center will also reopen on Thursday, March 1, which means you can get out and see all of the furry farm babies, and buy some produce, and enjoy a day out close to the fields growing all sorts of yummy things. Admission? You'll pay three bucks on a weekday, and six on a weekend, if there isn't a festival going on (admission will be a bit more during those times, and on holidays). But festivals are ahead, like the Springtime Easter Festival, so stay tuned, farm fans.

Poppy Reserve: And speaking of yet more spring's-a-comin' updates, the Jane S. Pinheiro Center at the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve will also open on Thursday, March 1. The poppy outlook is not that bright, though other buds have been pushing up around the popular springtime destination. Still, if you're keeping the hope, best keep an eye on the reserve's social media, where updates are coming regularly now about what's blooming in the area.

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