This Immersive Adventure Is Haunting a Pomona Mansion

"Delusion" returns with a fresh (but historic) location and a new step-inside storyline called "Reaper's Remorse."


What to Know

  • "Delusion: Reaper's Remorse" takes place at The Phillips Mansion at 2640 Pomona Boulevard in Pomona
  • $89.99 and up; street parking is free
  • Guests are invited to "play a part" in the on-the-move tale, an experience that gives everyone the chance to step inside the story

Advising characters on the screen about which room to enter, or what hallway to leave, or if someone is behind them, or why they really, really should not round the next corner? Please, pretty please, stop, don't go there, noooo?

We've all been a little too engaged with the stories we've seen on television or at the cinema, and wanting to become an active participant in the unfolding tale is a strange but real longing many fans of frightfully imagined dramas know all too well.

So the opportunity to step inside the bounds of a narrative, at a cinematic destination, all to "play a part" in an inventive worldbuilding exercise that eeriely erases the line between audience member and active character?

Call it a rare chance to enjoy a role without the audition, all while experiencing an evening of cinematic atmosphere, elegant eeks, and a few tantalizing twists, too.

"Delusion," an immersive experience that puts guests into the action, rather than leaving them to be passive observers, is back with a new (but oh-so-historic) location, not to mention a fresh and frightful story.

That stunner of a spot?

It's the stately Phillips Mansion in Pomona, a manor that seems as if it belongs on the silver screen.

And the narrative of the nighttime happening has a title that's just right for the Halloween season: Prepare to investigate the "Reaper's Remorse."

Interesting to note, especially for returning aficionados of this popular immersive event? The story boasts the first-ever "Open World" element for "Delusion," meaning visitors will have the chance to follow "multiple narrative threads" before jumping into the story.

"Like that of an eerie scavenger hunt, the experience will help further shape the story and is available before or after the main attraction," shares the "Delusion" team.

Call it the perfect night out for people who want the thrill of being on the inside of a fictional setting, with a number of possible story paths unfurling before them as the adventure begins.

There's also a VIP ticket option, which gives guests the chance to peek around the mansion's second floor.

Will there be new story threads to explore on the upper level, too, if you go the VIP route? You can count it.

"With theatre lovers ready for live entertainment, Delusion's return couldn't come at a better time," said Jon Braver, the creator of "Delusion."

"We are crazy excited to return to our Delusion horror roots and to deliver an all new, original play in what I would say is the very best Delusion venue yet!"

If you recall past "Delusion" experiences, you know there's an air of spookiness, the sense that the story could double-back, or jump ahead, at any moment, and the setting?

The physical space always serves as a major character in all "Delusion" productions, where it was Club Fais Do Do for "The Blue Blade" in 2018 or the earlier "Masque of Mortality," which wended through a Silver Lake church.

What will the Phillips Mansion be, or become, as "Reaper's Remorse" settles, like an unseen veil, over its decades-old windows, walls, and grounds?

Step inside the story, with this one-of-a-kind immersive experience, this Halloween season.

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