This Los Angeles Loaf Arrives With a Message of Hope

You can find the "It's Going To Be Ok" loaf at Michelina, a bakery located at the Original Farmers Market.

Original Farmers Market

What to Know

  • Michelina bakery at the Original Farmers Market
  • Third & Fairfax, Los Angeles
  • The "It's Going To Be Ok" loaf is $10 (country white bread)

It's not all that unusual to see some script topping a delicious round treat, the sort of offering that is often displayed inside a bakery case.

But script-topped temptations tend to come from the cake side of the bakery, and the words we see before making a wish and blowing out a candle? They usually read "Happy Birthday" or something else that's fairly merry.

There are ways, though, to employ other bakery goods as bread-based billboards, the sorts of snacks that can quickly convey an idea, a thought, or a message of hope via words written on a treat's top surface.

Michelina, the confection-cool bakery at the Original Farmers Market, is doing just that this winter via a beautifully made boule of country bread.

The "It's Going to Be Ok" country loaf recently debuted at the bakery and is available now for ten dollars.

The nice and nourishing words seen atop the loaf are created via a stencil and flour. So, yes: The sign on this particular staff of life can be eaten and enjoyed.

Feb. 25 just happens to be National Toast Day, by the by, which is a promising prompt for a visit to the landmark public market.

But here's another merry message to consider: The uplifting loaf is now available daily.

Also happening daily? The Original Farmers Market is open for outdoor dining, groceries, and to-go meals, from pizza to crepes to just-about-anything-you-can-dream-of.

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