Seasonal Fruits Star at a New Original Farmers Market Shop

Rick Dominguez's Rick's Produce, already a market favorite thanks to a pop-up stand, makes its official debut with an opening weekend special.

Original Farmers Market

What to Know

  • Rick's Produce, which will feature fruits and vegetables from Rick Dominguez's Fallbrook farm, is located on the landmark's south side
  • Enjoy 10% off your purchase during the shop's opening weekend (through Jan. 31)
  • 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily; delivery available

Getting to know a farmer at your local weekly market, and hearing his excellent recommendations on buying the tangiest citruses and flavor-packing-est persimmons, potatoes, and pumpkins, too, is a true pleasure.

For the friendly connection started and shared over boxes brimming with beautiful oranges, lettuces, and other from-the-earth favorites? It can be as sweet as a just-peeled piece of fruit.

For a farmer's deep knowledge about the goodies he grows adds a lot to person's world, and how they prepare healthy and flavorful dishes.

Rick Dominguez has provided that meaningful culinary connection for many Los Angeles locals for many years now.

The farmer, who was born in Mexico and raised in East Los Angeles, got his farm-focused start in East Hollywood, where he helped a friend's avocado stand.

A "newfound passion" for Mr. Dominguez was born during that friend-assisting adventure.

A Fallbrook farm devoted to "seasonal, organic farming" followed in 2014, then a Silver Lake storefront, where he sold guacamole and fresh juices with partner Alejandro Verduzco.

Now, the produce pro has a permanent shop at the Original Farmers Market.

Rick's Produce features "... house-made jams, preserves, made-to-order sandwiches, and to-go salad options made fresh to order" in addition a daily bounty of interesting vegetables and fruits.

The farmer approaches saving and spending food, even as it passes its expiration date, in forward-thinking ways. He actively seeks to "... limit food waste and maximize the use of each fruit and vegetable," shared the Original Farmers Market.

"Before food expires, Dominguez incorporates it into his delicious pre-prepared food options and produce that is past its prime is re-incorporated into his farm's soil as a natural fertilizer."

If you've already had the good fortune of chatting about organic farming with Mr. Dominguez at the Third & Fairfax landmark, you likely visited his pop-up stand, which operated for several months, even into the pandemic.

The Original Farmers Market team asked him to stay and open a permanent place.

And here's something lovely: The public market reports that ".... (t)his is the first time in many years that a 'farmer-owned' business will be selling direct-to-consumers at The Original Farmers Market."

"I was honored when the management of The Original Farmers Market approached me about opening a second, larger location at Third and Fairfax," shared Mr. Dominguez. 

"This has been Los Angeles' go-to spot for groceries since 1934 when farmers first sold their goods from the back of pick-up trucks! I am thrilled to play a part in the Market's continuing legacy."

To find Rick's Produce, head to the south side of the market. The Original Farmers Market is open daily for groceries, food pick-up, and outdoor dining.

Stopping by to shop and say hello during opening weekend? The farmer is giving everyone 10% through Sunday, Jan. 31, another kind-hearted way to connect with a grateful and appreciative community.

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