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This Truffle-Glazed Doughnut Is a Savory Sweet

The Frankenreiter, which is also topped with truffle, is available in Culver City through the end of February.

Holey Grail Donuts

What to Know

  • The Holey Grail Donuts pop-up is at The Platform in Culver City through Feb. 28, 2022
  • The Frankenreiter doughnut, a collaboration with professional surfer and musician Donavon Frankenreiter, is a truffle-glazed, truffle-topped fantasia
  • $7


They're a famously fun foodstuff, thanks to the fact that they often arrive enrobed in icing and enveloped in a thick layer of eye-bright sprinkles.

But while the morning-famous, but-eat-it-any-time treat is famously fun, you can't say the doughnut is famously fungi.

That's changing, at least for a couple of weeks, in Culver City, where the truffle-rich doughnut is on the menu at sweet-and-savory Holey Grail pop-up.

You can find the tempting venture at The Platform through Monday, Feb. 28.

As for this unusual pastry?

And we say "unusual," as doughnuts typically boast flavors found along the baking aisle, not the loamier offerings of the produce section?

Meet The Frankenreiter, a confection-strong collaboration between Holey Grail, a Hawaiian company known for its taro-themed treats, and musician and professional surfer Donavan Frankenreiter.

The $7 goodie is Holey Grail's signature doughnut, a taro-toothsome temptation, that is then "... dipped in a truffled honey glaze from Kauai Nectar Co., and finished with a drizzle of raw wildflower honey, sprinkling of sea salt, and shaved fresh Italian black truffles."

So this fun, and fungi, item does rock a sweeter side, thanks to the honey, in addition to its deeper, truffle-y, oh-so-taro character.

Holey Grail got its start in 2018 with "a little red hamburger trailer and a fryer." The company now has two shops, in Kauai and Oahu, but if you can't make it to Hawaii ASAP, you can make for Culver City, before February wraps, for a taro-meets-truffle treat, a goodie that is gorgeous to behold, something fanciful and a bit forest-like, too.

The Platform is located at 8850 Washington Boulevard.

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