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Trejo's Tacos: Headed for La Brea

Danny Trejo's new venture includes fried chicken tacos, organic street corn, and more.

Performer-entrepreneurs and buzzy places to eat are a longtime Los Angeles pairing, but it is fair to say that few actor-owned restaurants have been as anticipated as Danny Trejo's new venture at La Brea and Sycamore Avenues.

It's Trejo's Tacos, an eatery that hasn't quite debuted as of mid-January 2016 but already has garnered the sort of social media following that some long-established restaurants likely crave.

Fans who've followed Mr. Trejo's work in films like "Machete" and shows like "Sons of Anarchy" are definitely excited to see his next act, but so are new-to-his-work foodies looking for flavorful, quick noshes sourced from fresh, local ingredients.

What specifically, though, are some of those 50,000-plus Facebook fans eager to eat when the restaurant opens in the next few weeks? They're for sure jazzed about sampling the fresh street food at Mr. Trejo's fresh spot. Fried Chicken Tacos'll be a signature item on the menu, as will Organic Street Corn and The Sneaky Quesadilla, which includes a tortilla with a mung bean base.

If mung beans are your jam, look also for the Black Pepper Tofu Tacos, which sound as piquant as all get-out. Want to do your own thing on the whole mix-and-match taco plan? You can; choices include asada, grilled chicken, fried chicken, pork, brisket, and, you guessed it, tofu.

As for serving styles? You hoped, and it's here: "machete" is one option -- think lettuce cup -- as are rolled or bowled.

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As for whether Mr. Trejo's staple suds'll be on tap, fret no longer: Trejo's Cerveca, a brew made in Boyle Heights, will be served, as well as a quintet of other foams from around the region. Boyle Heights is also represented in the murals by Boyle Heights-based artist Ernesto Yerena. Where to see them? Outside the restaurant.

Speaking of outside Trejo's Tacos, there is now a patio (just in case you were curious as to whether the Taco Bell drive-through remained). Some sunshine, some cerveza, and a fried chicken taco? Sounds sweet, as does the coming play area for kids.

That's not the only thing ahead, though, for Mr. Trejo: Trejo's Tacos is headed for Tinseltown next. Hungry corn-craving diners of Hollywood, get happy, for one of the most buzzed-about have-a-bite spots is roaring down the road, like Danny Trejo's revved-up wheels in "Machete."

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