Uber Eats Launches Its Virtual Restaurant Week

Enjoy a three-course meal, at home, for $35. Participating SoCal spots? There are over 200 to choose from.

Juan Aunion/EyeEm

What to Know

  • Through April 22
  • 200+ participating SoCal restaurants
  • $35, three courses, no delivery fee

A classic Restaurant Week offer?

You're going to see the words "prix fixe" pop up a lot, meaning you'll get more than one course for a set price.

It's an excellent way to show your love for the local café down the street, or to finally swing by that one place that you pass daily but don't really know at all.

But more than anything? A Restaurant Week is very much an in-person event, the sort of thing you enjoy while you're seated inside an actual restaurant.

We aren't visiting restaurants, given our #SaferatHome lives, but Uber Eats is tapping into some of the appetizing tropes of Restaurant Week and delivering that prix fixe flavor to people dining at home.

How? By launching a Virtual Restaurant Week, one that will focus on over 200 Southern California eateries.

This is how it works: Visit a restaurant's listing on the Uber Eats app and see if they're participating in Restaurant Week, which is on through April 22, 2020. You can also keep an eye out for the billboard, located near the top of the Uber Eats app, for more Restaurant Week information.

After you're in? Order a three-course meal, pay $35 (tip is extra, yep), and get the chow-down chance to eat a few different dishes from the place you picked.

There's no delivery fee.

A few of the around-town joiner-inners include Eataly, Tacos Tu Madre, and Burger Lounge.

Have you tried a Restaurant Week before? Were you inside a restaurant at the time?

That's extremely likely, but it turns out that even tried, true, and tasty traditions can go virtual. Find out more through the Uber Eats app now.

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