Buena Park

‘Vampirates,' a Dastardly Dinner Show, Drops Anchor in Buena Park

The Halloween-themed treat has come eerily ashore at the Pirates Dinner Adventure.

Pirates Dinner Adventure

What to Know

  • Sept. 27 through Oct. 31 (select dates)
  • Pirates Dinner Adventure in Buena Park
  • General admission tickets start at $64.95

Pirates have starred at the center of so many of our stories, our movies, our TV shows, and the occasional amazing attraction, too.

Perhaps the ye olde idea of adventuring upon the high seas intrigues us or our imaginations are seriously stoked by the outlandish look, parlance, and social niceties (or not-so-niceties) of these ocean-roaming figures.

Did we say "parlance"? Perhaps we mean "parrrlance."

There are a few over-the-top spots around Southern California where landlubbers can connect with the whimsical world of mast-rocking ships, tricornered hats, and chests full of treasure, and flying its flag high among them?

Pirates Dinner Adventure, the entertainment-and-eats experience that's all about supper and a swashbuckling show.

But when Halloween raises its own frightful flag, and the weather turns a mite chillier, things do change inside the dinner theater, which can be found not on the beach but on Beach Boulevard in Buena Park.

Undead characters may arise, sharp fangs may appear, and the notion of riding the sunny waves may meet with a new and nefarious story.

Those undead pirates are the stars of "Vampirates," the seasonal show raising its sails from Sept. 27 through Oct. 31, 2022.

The sinister swashbucklers at the center of this tale are in search of an enchanted necklace called Solzana's Eye, which will allow the creepy crew's vampiric captain the ability to wreak havoc in the sunlight as well as at night.

The audience's enthusiastic help will be required to put a halt to this potential mayhem, so come prepared to defeat the Vampirates while dining on a three-course dinner. Games, music, and other high jinks festoon the not-too-intense, played-for-smiles show.

"Pirates Dinner Adventure is bringing the spooky spirit to families from all over Southern California and guests visiting Orange County this season," said Julio Duran, the general manager of the attraction.

"There's no better way to celebrate this haunting holiday than to defeat a crew of evil Vampirates!"

The adventuresome autumn treat will run on select nights through Oct. 31, but note that there arrrr, er, are some special doings afoot on the weekend ahead of Halloween, including a costume contest ahead of each performance, and trick-or-treating, too.

Or do we mean "trick-arrr-treating"?

Tickets for "Vampirates" are on sale now.

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