Vinyl Buffs, Smorgasburg LA Is Your Next Jam

The once-a-month event will offer "over 10,000 highly curated vintage vinyl" selections, in addition to other music-related goodies.

What to Know

  • Sunday, Jan. 21
  • Free entry
  • New event

Before you pull the record out of its sleeve, and before you pull the sleeve off the shelve, and before you make sure your player's needle is in working order, and the speaker is on, and you're wearing your dance socks, do you decide what you're making for dinner?

Or does it go in the other direction? Do you place all of the supper ingredients on the kitchen counter, and then line up the bowls, and then decide what you'll listen to, as you cook, on the ol' hi-fi?

Whatever direction you head in, the fact that making a meal, and/or eating a meal, while music plays, is a treasured tradition observed in many homes. So when a music-related happening, one that involves the chance to buy records, pops up at an outdoor food market, you immediately understand how much sense the perfect pair-up makes.

And the new pair-up at Smorgasburg LA will continue to rock worlds, and tummies, on every third Sunday to come. For the downtown, ROW DTLA-based food booths extravaganza is launching the Smorgasburg LA Record Fair on Sunday, Jan. 21.

Entry is free, but, yes, 100% and absolutely, bring funds for your tacos and Taco, should you find a vintage recording of the entertainer's '80s super-hit "Puttin' on the Ritz." (No, you don't need to match-up your eats with your tune buys, but if you can, why not?)

There will be a lot to peruse, records-wise, for "(o)ver 10,000 highly curated vintage vinyl" records will be for sale, and "...vintage t-shirts, cassettes, and CDs," too.

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What genres will you see at the happening, which is co-presented by Beat Swapmeet? A genre-packed genreful genre line-up of genres, is the only correct answer. Jazz? Yes. Soul? Yes. Punk? Yes. And there are a whole bunch of more yeses beyond those, trust.

The hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., parking for two hours is free, in addition to free entry, and the eat-walk-around-eat-again choices are as yes-y and plentiful as the genres you'll find in the record bins.

So, what do you do first on any evening of the week? Start to make dinner, then throw on a 45 or CD? Or do you put the tunes on, then open the refrigerator?

Whatever works for you, works, and a music fair at a food fair is sure to sing.

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