Aquarium of the Pacific

Watch the Aquarium's Famous ‘Otter Bowl' From Home

Furry marine mammals will go wet-nose-to-wet-nose, all to enjoy treats and toys at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.

Robin Riggs/Aquarium of the Pacific

What to Know

  • Sunday, Feb. 13 at noon
  • Free to see via the Aquarium of the Pacific's YouTube channel
  • An otter MVP will be named, after some adorable splashing and snacking

Nabbing the coveted Most Valuable Player award at the conclusion of any traditional game?

You're going to have to hustle to get that gold. You'll need to put the difficult work in, and show your skills, and flaunt that talent, and never, ever, ever stop.

Of course, the requirements asked of some MVPs, depending upon the game, can be a bit... different.

Take the Otter Bowl, the Aquarium of the Pacific's famous, and famously furry, Super Bowl Sunday event.

The lighthearted happening gives the Long Beach ocean institute's beloved Southern sea otters the room to romp, and play with enrichment toys, and enjoy clam-based treats that are, you bet, shaped like small footballs.

And at the end of Otter Bowl?

The Most Valuable Otter, er, Player is named, and we can only assume that the judges have been keenly watching just how well the chosen animal snacked, romped, splashed, and enjoyed the watery fun.

If your curiosity is now piqued, and you'd like to see these whisker-rocking, web-footed sweeties "competing" in their own super-fun-to-watch bowl, tune into the aquarium's Youtube on Sunday, Feb. 13 promptly at noon.

For Otter Bowl VII, will be fully virtual, giving otter aficionados a chance to watch the adorable action without needing to be right outside the otters' aquarium-based habitat.

It's free to check out, though you may want to purchase your own noshables to savor while you watch, since otters do rather love to eat, and seeing them dig into their yummy treats may make you long to reach for a bag of goodies.

Goodies that have been made for humans, of course; we're quite sure you don't want to chow down on frozen clams and the other otter-friendly foods that these furry footballers adore.

So which Aquarium of the Pacific otter will be awarded the 2022 MVP designation?

You'll have to tune in on Feb. 13, and root for whatever roly-poly marine mammal that has clearly put in the hours (of play), the training (when it comes to snacking on clams), and the commitment (to being otterly cute).

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