Weekend: Bricks LA

LEGO fans of all ages build, befriend, and brick-it-up in Pasadena.

Bricks LA: Pasadena just wrapped is annual spectacle of wondrously built machines, but builders of another sort will make for the Pasadena Convention Center on Saturday, Jan. 9 and Sunday, Jan. 10. Rather than working with petals and seeds, LEGO fans'll gather to be one with the brick while constructing amazing buildings, shopping new as well as "vintage LEGO sets," and eyeballing LEGO-laden models. This is billed as a show for "Adult Fans of LEGO"  but all ages are absolutely welcome. Did you get a set or two for Christmas and need inspiration? Or brickspiration? You got it.

Cheeseburger Week: California Restaurant Month is in full, sizzling swing, but a few places are putting an interesting spin on the eat-out concept. Pasadena is such a place, and its chosen spotlight dish? A patty with melted cheese between two buns. The cheeseburger was invented there, in the '20s, so it makes sense that each year, for nearly a week, several restaurants would salute it with special spins on the chowdownable favorite. Gotta have your gooey, meatastic fave? Go Pas from Jan. 10 through 15.

Happy Birthday, Elvis: While fans around the nation -- and world and possibly solar system -- will raise a glass, and swivel a hip, in honor of the 81st anniversary of The King's birth, Presley-lovin' people of SoCal have a way to get just a bit closer to their idol's legacy. How? By partying at the Honeymoon Hideaway in Palm Springs. Yes, it is where Elvis and Priscilla honeymooned, and yes, there shall be performances and tours on Saturday, Jan. 9 (the day after his official birthday). You don't need to fashion a pompadour or wear a jumpsuit, you just need to love his legacy and, maybe, know a lyric or two. (You totally do.)

Pageant of the Masters Tryouts: Auditions are funny beast, at least around Southern California. For some a full complement of reps is required, and a headshot and resumé, too. But at this venerable Laguna Beach presentation, a summertime tradition for well over 80 years, you only need to show up and stand very, very still. Everyone is welcome to try out for the Pageant, which famously reveals real people posed as celebrated masterpieces of art. Every stood inside a celebrated masterpiece of art? Break out that bucket list.

Historic Restaurant Change: So often we hear of old-school eateries shuttering permanently, for a variety of reasons, but to hear that one is expanding its hours is a rarer treat. And The Musso & Frank Grill -- or Musso's, to practically everyone -- is no mere old-school eatery: It's Hollywood's oldest restaurant, one awash in starry lore. So what's new? For the first time in over three decades, the landmark'll open on Sunday evenings, beginning Jan. 10. The only question that remains is this: Will you sit in Raymond Burr's favorite booth or the booth favored by Charlie Chaplin? 

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