Weekend: Catalina's Fish Shall Fly

Aquatic stars shall shine, just off island. Keep those eyes peeled.

Flying Fish Festival: Fin-rocking creatures of the deep may fly in science fiction novels, but they also do, in reality, sort of, just off Catalina Island. It's true that the fish leave the water and travel for a good distance -- "up to 30 feet" has been recorded -- but call it more of extended leap rather than traditional flight. Still, it's magical, it's a sight people love, it's a wonder enjoyed by nightfall, and the island celebrates its aquatic superstars every year during the fishy fest. Also? Taste of Avalon is on, too. Yes and yes. May 30 through June 1

Zero Down: Picture a whole caboodle of artist studios -- some 35 in all -- and picture the creative 1019WEST complex in Inglewood. Now imagine strolling through, on a Saturday night -- May 31, to be specific -- while admiring paintings and sculptures and photos and other works by 50 local Inglewood artists. Performance art and entertainment is on the docket of the vibrant stroll-and-see night.

The Traveling Sketchbook Library: We've likely all had a peek at a sketchbook while standing in line for a latte -- it's too easy to look over an artist's shoulder -- but getting the chance to see inside those private and fascinating tomes is far rarer. Except for at LACMA, on May 30 and May 31, when a truck'll roll up with thousands of sketchbooks, all for the looking. It's free and dang it, it's cool. You don't even have to be an artist to want to see how artist's early ideas come together.

Lummis Day: This historic-nice party is billed as "The Festival of Northeast Los Angeles." So, you bet, Heritage Square Museum is involved, as is the Lummis House. "It's free, fun, and family-friendly" which the puppets, tunes, poetry, and dance will back up. Sunshine, Sunday fundayness -- it happens on June 1, we should add -- and general Northeastern neighborly good times will reign. Nothing not to like there.

Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival: Definitely, definitely one of California's best-known hot air balloon gatherings (in fact, we could have probably thrown another "definitely" in) and people love the wine. But the food and music has grown over the years, meaning that there's something for everyone who likes a) balloons b) wine c) food or d) music. We probably all qualify for at least one, yes? It's big, for sure, so plan, plan (and plan). May 30 through June 1 at Lake Skinner

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