Weekend: Our Mega Marathon Is Here

Thousands of runners will dash "(f)rom the stadium to the sea," with thousands cheering them on.

Skechers Performance LA Marathon: The mondo map? It's as big 'n swathful 'n city-spanning as routes come. Over 23,000 people participated in 2018, so expect to see pumped-up droves of dedicated runners moving swiftly from Dodger Stadium to the Pacific Ocean on Sunday, March 24, along some of Santa Monica Boulevard and other main thoroughfares. Lots of course-adjacent happenings, for runners and supporters alike, will spring up, so eye all, and find your carbs or curb now.

Bach in the Subways: Classical concerts? They can send a listeners to a place of rumination and/or lift the spirits and/or make a person ponder what inspired a long-ago composer to be so creative and/or all of the above. Johann Sebastian Bach is one of the biggies, and, to celebrate his 334th birthday, musicians will arrive with violins in tow, and more, at several SoCal spots through March 24, all to play for an appreciative public, all for free. Where to go? Start here, Bach buffs.

Vegan Street Fair: There's no need to scan a menu, looking for whatever plant-oriented eats you can order, for everything at this annual North Hollywood grub gathering is built around the vegan experience. That means oodles of hearty fare, like pupusas, tamales, and such, and sweets, too. Even sweeter? Entry is free, but, yeah, for sure and totally show with money to buy all of the plant-y plates you desire. The dates are March 23 and 24, and the chow-down spot is Chandler Boulevard. Hello, first weekend of spring!

Puppies & Planks: Does your BFF watch as you roll out your mat? Does she put her wet, whiskery nose against your cheek as you stretch out into savasana? Should you both go on a fitness-fun adventure together, at LA State Historic Park? If that's a big ol' yes, best get there on Saturday, March 23 for a line-up of classes, including yoga and pilates, as well as an adoption fair helmed by LA Animal Services. Admission is free, but if you buy a pass to the classes, that's $25 in advance (or $35 there). The money? It goes to LA Animal Services, oh yeah.

Claremont Pie Festival: Pi Day? It's only 24 hours long, unfortch. And, if you are indeed going to score a deal on a slice of pie, well, that further whittles-down the day, for pie shops only keep certain hours. In short? It passed far too fast, last week. But this springful good time is on its way, on Saturday, March 23, to give us all lessons on rolling out dough, creating hand pies, and living a more fullfilling life (or perhaps a more pie-filling life). There will be food for sale, too, in case you have a hankering for pie, after all of those slice-sweet seminars.

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