West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval: It's Time, SoCal

The massive (truly and seriously) and free street party will again revel on the evening of Oct. 31, 2017.

Picking a Halloween costume for the office or the party at the neighbor's?

Your choice only has to charm a fairly small crowd. Plus? You'll need to be okay wearing it indoors, so if it is furry, or under layers of flannel, yeah: You'll sweat.

But finding the perfect costume for the famous, infamous, and every-other-term-related-to-famous West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval?

That's a whooooole different story, dear Southern Californians.

You're outside, so your costume either as to be A) cool because of hot weather or B) warm because of the chill. (It'll pretty much be "B" in 2017.)

Hundreds of thousands of people will be walking with you, and in currents heading in the opposite direction, so your get-up has to be eye-catching.

And should it be easy to move around in? You'll be striding down Santa Monica Boulevard between La Cienega Boulevard and Doheny Drive, alongside the aforementioned hundreds of thousands of people so, yeah: Think comfort, first and foremost.

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Here are the facts:

One of the world's best-attended street festivals is on from 6 to 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017.

It's free.

"No backpacks, camera bags, or totes allowed. Please carry items in clear bags," says the HQ for the event.

Around a half million people attend each year. As in 500,000 revelers. As in, a crowd that's larger than many large U.S. cities. So make plans to arrive with your friends, instead of trying to locate them there, because.

Nothing else, just "because."

Organizers say "...it's best to leave the kids and pets at home." More on that.

A lot of area venues will be rocking, so keep an eye out for local bars and restaurants that are part of the convivial atmosphere. There's live entertainment at the event, too.

Parking? Real talk: Think public transportation or walking a good distance to the parade. Even organizers know that "...traffic is a mess (plus DUIs are not cool)." Ridesharing is the organizers' recommendation.

If you do get semi-close to the Santa Monica Boulevard nexus, as in a few blocks away, plan on sitting, in whatever vehicle you're occupying, for notable stretches of time. That's often the way it is on the final day of October — trafficky — so breathe and smile and think about caramel apples or other pleasant Halloween thoughts.

As for the costumes? They really do live up to the hype, at least a good number of them.

While we all were talking about spring break, some people were starting to build their Halloween outfit. While we were discussing June Gloom, various creative Carnaval costumes were already taking shape around town.

Many attendees put in the long hours on what they wear on Halloween night, in short, to the delight of thousands of onlookers.

So, in summary: Free, Oct. 31, nighttime, West Hollywood, getting there takes planning, as does leaving, 500,000 people, give or take. 

Reading more on all of the important tips? A solid idea. Here's where to start.

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