Westwood's Legendary Stan's Donuts Has Closed

The pastry-packed shop was a local favorite for 55 years.

Stan's Donuts

What to Know

  • 10948 Weyburn Avenue in Westwood
  • The shop shuttered on April 9 in response to COVID-19
  • Owner Stan Berman shared a moving farewell on the shop's site

If you're a Bruin, a Westsider, a doughnut devotee, a lover of historic eateries, or a Huell Howser fan, you know about Stan's Donuts.

It's a shop that won over so many hearts, over its decades in the doughnut-making business, that people who didn't attend UCLA, or who've never truly tried a perfect cruller, were familiar with, thanks to its royal reputation.

That reputation was due in large part to the affable Stan Berman, the proprietor who made everyone who walked in the corner establishment feel beyond welcome.

They felt like they were something special, whether they were picking up a glazed, a chocolate, something with sprinkles for the kids, or a dozen holiday doughnuts for a festive family party.

Which makes the news as we head into Easter weekend, and we celebrate Passover, especially bittersweet: After 55 years, Stan's Donuts has closed.

Mr. Berman posted a brief but poignant farewell on his site, revealing that he had finally closed up his shop, a decision hastened by COVID-19.

A thank you for all of the customer loyalty, and for "being by my side for all of these years," concluded the moving letter. As for the Stan's Donuts in Chicago, which have ties to the one in Westwood? The note reveals that they remain open.

The final SoCal doughnut was baked and sold on April 9, capping a run of millions of local doughnuts that were handmade and enjoyed over the course of a half century, and another half decade on top of that.

Thank you, Mr. Berman, for the great goodies over the years, and the smiles so amply and easily shared by you and your employees when each new customer stepped into the shop.

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