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Regal Cinemas is kicking off a solid, first-Tuesday-of-the-month deal.

Money-saving deals have a funny way of not exactly corresponding with the time you need 'em most.

For example? One rarely finds candy corn on sale in October. But, come November 2 or 3? Yeah. Bags and bags of discounted candy corn lines your grocery store shelves.

So we're rather taken aback by Regal Cinemas at LA Live introducing a real money-saver in the heat of awards season, the very time of year many people are trying to catch up on the Oscar nominees. And we're even more taken aback to find that Regal is not excluding those Oscar nominees from its deal.

Business people who decide when and where to apply discounts, take note.

The upshot is this: Regal at LA Live is introducing $7 Tuesdays on the first Tuesday of the month. Meaning? All movies all day will be seven bucks. (Yep, Premiere House, the venue's 800-seater, is even included in this deal.)

This launches on Tuesday, Feb. 5 with a red-carpet and a prize wheel and some glitter and pomp and circumstance. Notice the date, though; this a few weeks ahead of the Oscars, and, yep, some nominees are currently at the theater, like "Django Unchained" and "Zero Dark Thirty."

Those'll be seven bucks on Tuesday, too. If you have Tuesday, Feb. 5 off, in other words, you could get way ahead on your Oscar-movie-watching, and for a song, too.

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But even if you don't, this deal is ongoing. As mentioned, it's the first Tuesday of the month, so do that thing you do with a marker and your calendar when you want to remember something good is set to happen twelve times a year.

You can get your $7 Tuesday tickets via Fandango or at Regal Cinemas LA Live.

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