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Wow Over ‘Pandas 3D' at California Science Center

The new IMAX + Warner Bros. film delves into the research and beauty of the beautiful animals.

What to Know

  • Opens April 6
  • California Science Center
  • Tickets available now

It's fair to say, especially in this day and age of Googling one's own name on the regular, that if you're a superstar, you probably have a solid sense you are, as any quick search will reveal.

And yet there are some superstars on this planet that remain blissfully unconcerned with Q scores and success metrics and how we 'net-roaming humans measure fame. Rather, they're content to chew bamboo leaves and hang out in trees and be as panda-mazing as they can be.

As suits a superstar of a panda's superior stature, there's a major new documentary all about them, and it is headed for a number of notable theaters, including the IMAX at the California Science Center.

"Pandas 3D" opens in Los Angeles on April 6, and the documentary, which is narrated by Kristen Bell, visits Chengdu Panda Base in China. That's where "... scientists are dedicated to protecting the species by breeding adult Giant Pandas in order to introduce cubs into the wild." 

A researcher at the base finds hope in a "... new technique inspired by a black bear program in New Hamphire," which leads to across-the-planet collaboration and exciting possibilities for the future of the Giant Panda.

But Qian Qian, "a curious female cub... born in captivity," wasn't exactly giant when the film was made; rather, she's a roly-poly youngster, and an instant star sure to entrance viewers of the film with her sweet and exploratory antics.

How to see such joy, such innovation, and those perfect panda superstars on the 7-story-tall, 90-food-wide screen at the Exposition Park science museum?

Start here, for a ticket, then prepare to take a journey into the amazing center of saving, and loving, the pandas.

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