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Zip Line Weddings Take ‘I Do' to New Heights on Catalina Island

The up-in-the-sky ceremonies, set for a special May day, will be open to four couples.

Arpit Mehta/Catalina Island Company

What to Know

  • Slots will be available for four couples
  • The ceremonies are scheduled for May 13 (bookings open on Tuesday, April 20 and close on April 23)
  • Two nights at Hotel Atwater, a chef's dinner, and more nuptial niceties are included in the package

So many of our famous lovey-dovey descriptions tend to float, soar, swoop, and swirl.

If we're in love, we're "flying high." If we're feeling the romance, our "heads are in the clouds."

And if we're enamored with a wonderful beau? We're completely "over the moon" and "riding on the wings of love."

Tying the knot, though?

Traditionally, it tends to happen right here, on terra firma, where our feet are firmly planted on the ground.

That's changing, though, on May 13, when the Catalina Island Company will give four couples one amazing opportunity: Wed your sweetheart on a zip line.

Or perhaps we mean "up-portunity," since the adventurous duo will be wed along five platforms, with the zip line serving as an incredibly unique aisle.

But few people have ever proceeded down the wedding aisle at speeds topping out at 35 MPH, nor have they donned a harness for the pomp-filled procession.

Arpit Mehta

If you know the Zip Line Eco Tour, the one that is located just a pinch outside of Avalon, then you know that the 3,600-foot-long course weaves over beautiful Descanso Canyon, which is dotted with towering eucalyptus trees.

Call this lush island landscape quite the singular and spectacular backdrop for "taking the plunge."

"Though there have been many proposals over the years, there has never been an actual wedding on the famous Zip Line — until now!" said Geoff Rusack, President and Chief Executive Officer of Catalina Island Company. 

"We are excited to finally be able to celebrate the Zip Line’s 10th anniversary and, coming off of a challenging year where many couples did not have a chance to have their dream weddings, we hope to bring some joy and excitement through these one-of-a-kind nuptials."

The Zip Line Wedding's official officiant?

Why that would be the mayor of Avalon, adding another Catalina-cool dimension to a moment that's sure to attract aficionados of the charming isle, which sits some 22 miles off the Southern California mainland.

Bookings open up on Tuesday, April 20 at noon, and, again, there are slots for four couples, and four couples only.

The $2,950 package, which is inclusive of taxes and fees? It includes two nights at the Hotel Atwater, a chef's dinner created especially for your wedding night ("on the balcony of the iconic Catalina Casino," no less), a bottomless Champagne brunch at the Descanso Beach Club, a voucher for a fun activity (either on land or sea), and other important nuptial niceties, like fresh bouquets or boutonnieres for the couple.

There's more get-spiffy perks, too, including make-up, hair, and tuxedo loaners, too, so read all.

Did you postpone your wedding in recent months? Or do you prefer a smaller affair that has an ethereal "up in the air" element?

Find out more about this salty-of-air, snapshot-worthy, and story-making ceremony, one that will give the two of you plenty of tales to tell for years to come.

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