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What to Have Ready For Your Pet When Natural Disaster Strikes

Taking what they learned from the Woolsey Fire and Ridgecrest Earthquake, animal rescuers launch a first-aid kit for pet-owners.

What to Know

  • The Veterinary Disaster Relief kits are waterproof, and designed for emergencies such as fire and earthquakes.
  • They contain dog and cat food that will last for three days during an emergency, with a five-year shelf life.
  • The kits are approved by veterinarians and first responders.

During recent natural disasters including the Woolsey Fire and Ridgecrest Earthquake, the Little Angels Project supported lifesaving efforts to animals injured or abandoned. They saw first hand that most pet owners didn't have supplies necessary to take care of their animals.

That is why they are partnering with the Veterinary Emergency Medical Assistance (VEMA) to launch disaster & first aid kits for pets. With scientists predicting that fires in Southern California will continue to get bigger and occur more often, the launch of this kit is especially important for pet owners, when putting together an earthquake plan for their families (human and animal.)

The kit contains items like food, water, bowls, veterinary grade cleaning supplies, a leash and collar with tags, first aid kit (with tape and bandaging made specifically to stick to fur.)

VEMA says it's also importat to have copies of your adoption agreement, a current photo, vaccination records, and microchip number in the emergency bag.

A portion of the sales from these VEMA kits will be donated to the Little Angels Project and their ongoing rescue efforts. A related APP for pet owners — with tutorial guides for first aid — is something VEMA has planned for release sometime in the winter of 2019.

For more information on how to keep your pets safe during a natural disaster, the Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has a dedicated list on their website, stating what pet owners should know and what to prepare in advance.

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