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A Huge Spider-Man Exhibition Spins a Web at Comic-Con Museum

"Spider-Man: Beyond Amazing" celebrates the soaring superhero's 60th anniversary.

Comic-Con Museum
  • "Spider-Man: Beyond Amazing" opens at the Comic-Con Museum in San Diego on July 1; it will be on view through 2022
  • The exhibition, which will include interactive elements, original art, and more, celebrates the Marvel superhero's 60th anniversary
  • $30 timed adult tickets (other tiers are available); tickets are available for advance purchase; "Spider-Man" tickets include museum admission

SCALING UP WALLS, while a cackling villain is in swift and scary pursuit, is never easy, especially when you have homework to stress about, and seeing your friends, and an upcoming date, and other day-to-day errands that tend to be entirely villain-free. But Peter Parker has been showing comic book buffs, film fans, and pop culture enthusiasts just how to get stuff done, one web sling at a time, for six decades now. It's a worthy 'n webby milestone to highlight, and celebrate Marvel mavens shall, when "Spider-Man: Beyond Amazing" soars into the Comic-Con Museum for a multi-month run. Nope, the major exhibition, which delves into all parts of the Spider-Man phenomenon, isn't swinging through an upper window at the Balboa Park institution, like the quippy icon might; rather, it has been fully installed in the traditional way, all to spotlight a notably non-traditional superhero.

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JULY 1... is the opening date, and there are a number of things to know before you go. First up? You'll want to purchase your timed ticket through Fever, an entry that will also give you access to other areas of the pop-strong museum, which debuted in the fall of 2021. Nope, you won't need a Comic-Con International badge to enter (though, yep, that convention is coming up later in July), but having a penchant for Parkerisms, and Spider-Man's baddie-besting prowess, is a plus. Original art will be on display, and some rad movie props, and interactive installations, too. Oh yes: There shall be corners created for Spiderfans to snap their own photos, all to show their buddies they visited the much-anticipated exhibition.

CLOSING DATE? The "end of the year" is the predicted wrap for this mondo Spidey-tacular, so plan your visit soon. And there's plenty to see around the new museum should you make it out of the superhero's web, and out of the reach of Doc Ock and the Green Goblin. Look for sections devoted to the Archie comics and "The Rocketeer," as well as a host of other comic favorites.

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