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A Popular Fall Attraction Will Re-Sprout in Santa Paula

The Pumpkin Patch at Limoneira Ranch will again welcome visitors in October 2021.


What to Know

  • 12471 Foothill Road in Santa Paula
  • Saturdays and Sundays in October 2021
  • Past pumpkin patches have included pony rides, beer and bites, and the Corn MAiZE

SEA OF STEMS: Sauntering with anticipation into a vast pumpkin patch? It isn't always about selecting a spectacular squash, though, of course, that is the plan for plenty of people. Visitors to a squash-tastic spot often stop by specifically to soak up the autumnal vibes, to connect with some solitude and sunshine, and, for sure, to snap a few family pictures (or gourd-glam shots for the 'gram). The key to making that colorful connection is to first locate the large and lively pumpkin patches in your region, and then decide when exactly you'll swing by during the falltime window. The fall of 2020 was a different one, due to the pandemic, but a number of LA-close pumpkin patches are hoping glimmer on in the later part of 2021, with all of the oomph and excitement of a freshly carved jack o'lantern.

PUMPKIN PATCH AT LIMONEIRA RANCH, a picturesque favorite based in Santa Paula, just announced its October 2021 return, giving fall fans plenty to get stoked over before summer even wraps up. For not only does the agricultural wonderland traditionally brim with orange-y awesomeness when autumn settles in, but there are other attractions, too, that boast both nostalgia and charm. Pony rides, places to grab a bite or brew, and the Corn MAiZE deliver the sorts of airy, October-ish thrills we're seeking on a gentle Saturday or Sunday afternoon. And that's just when this patch will be open: Weekends in October 2021, so best break out your scheduler and get to plotting with all of your fall-obsessed friends.

ARE YOU A LEMON LOVER... in addition to being sweet on a seedy, stem-cute fruit? Limoneira is known for its pink, Meyer, and classic lemons, its citrus-sparkling recipes, tasty oranges, and tempting avocados, too. You can shop from home via the Limoneira site, while you wait for October to arrive and all of those pumpkin-themed in-person pleasures that will again pop up at the Santa Paula destination.

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