An Early Bloomer Says Hello at The Flower Fields

Is this little ranunculus blossom foretelling the fun updates to come the Carlsbad attraction for 2018?

ALL FLOWER-LOVING EYES... will be turning to the deserts over the next few weeks, as first reports start to flow in about various poppies and ocotillo flowers and yellow brittlebrush making their initial petal-pretty 2018 appearances. But sometimes those early petals can pop up elsewhere, like in famously tended gardens that are nowhere near California's more scrubby and awesomely arid landscapes. One of the most famous of the carefully planned plots has to be The Flower Fields, at Carlsbad, the historic ranunculus-laden landmark that goes almost surreally awash with color for a few weeks each spring. It's also famously open from the first day of March each year through to Mother's Day, so calling upon the row after row of pink and orange and red ranunculuses means observing this tight window. But clearly one of the flowers did not get the memo on the whole "tight window" thing, for there was an...

EARLY BLOOMER... at the bastion of blossoms on Jan. 5. The Flower Fields shared the photo on Facebook, and someone asked below the post whether such a premature start was normal. "Yes, although this little guy is unique, the rest of the field is pretty green," was the attraction's response. We only can guess that the "little guy" is stoked about some of the updates just ahead for The Flower Fields, like "freshly developed display gardens by The San Diego Master Gardeners and a new pathway to the sweet pea maze," two up-and-coming refreshes for 2018. March 1 is on the near horizon, as that winter-blooming ranunculus knows, so best get with your bud-loving buds and discuss when exactly you plan on caravaning to Carlsbad for one of the biggest SoCal spring rites around.

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