Avalon Ball 2018: Early Bird Tickets

Enchanted by this annual Catalina soiree? You can book a coveted spot to the ball far in advance.

LET'S GET DOWN TO BRASS TACKS, and the nitty gritty, and the jelly at the center of this particular doughnut: Balls are too few in this world. Oh, maybe they're plentiful in fairy tales, and in novels, and on movie screens, but sailing to an enchanted, storied island for an evening of dancing, an evening in a beautiful building that overlooks the moonlit waves? Nope. Nuh uh. That's the stuff of happily-ever-after'd-out yarns, and not the real world. Except, and here comes the big, shiny, star-like, glittery asterisk, you're talking about Catalina Island, which is pretty darn storied, and the Casino Building, which practically owns the patent on charm, and the annual Avalon Ball, a springtime soiree that sees a caboodle of festive joy-makers dressed to the vintage nines (and tens and sixteens and beyond). It's outta-the-past party is a once-a-year thing, and it is much-loved, and... it just passed, as of this typing. But don't dab at your eyes, hankie holders, for the...

EARLY BIRD TICKETS... for the 2018 revelry are now available, further proving how sweet people are on this shindig. "The most spectacular Jazz Age ball anywhere" will return to the ballroom at the Casino Building on Saturday, May 19, 2018, which means you have loads of time to start poring over hotel rooms and dinners out and who you'll want to be your ball date. If you nab that ticket before June 30, 2017, it is $55. Nab it after? It's $70, and, yep, those are general admission prices (tickets are rather less for members of the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles, which helms the whole song-filled shebang). Did you not go this year, but vow to correct that in 2018? Best make right, and make a big night of it, next May on that most bygone of here-today beauties, Catalina Island.

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